Ǝvangelıon: Rebirth



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My first blog had just been resurrected! It was originally hosted at Windows Live Spaces but since it’s now closing and being migrated to my favorite blog host WordPress, might as well kick start the transfer and end the hiatus.  Like excess baggage I’ll be dropping some passé articles, but gradually restore my past stories to fit my new home.  For now all these articles for the past few years are here as-is so please bear with me if it looked weird.


A Case of Stolen Identity


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It’s been a while since I posted anything here, and of all the things that I had to post, it had to be a sad one.

Apparently someone used my online moniker “runningpinoy” and registered a “.com” for it.

At first I felt angry, then a bit sad.  My blog is non-profit, and someone is trying to steal my “identity.”  I’m not having thousands of hits daily.  I’m not even earning financially from that blog.  How I wish there’s a way people like me can protect their online reputation from those “cyber-squatters.”


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