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Technology is such a confusing nuisance sometimes. They say technology is here to aid us in our everyday routine but sometimes it seems like it’s technology that’s controlling us (or is it the vendors of those technology that are?). I’m planning on upgrading my cell phone (to be referred to in this blog as “my cel”) that is almost three years old. It’s not in bad condition but you see here in the Philippines (probably elsewhere in the world too) cell phones are a status symbol—like cars and designer wardrobes. My cel isn’t broken or anything and it still meets my needs but at this time I want more, stuff like MMS, colored screens, cameras—the works. But the problem is, I’m not willing to spend lots of money to buy one. I’m not the type of person that would buy the latest gadget to be “in”. So here’s the deal: I narrowed my choices to two models (all of them from Nokia for familiarity reasons): the 3660 and 6600.

Option 1: Nokia 3660
This model I think is practical since it meets most of my “new” needs on a cell phone: a colored screen, an integrated camera, pretty basic video recording, an operating system (either Symbian or Windows Mobile), an expansion slot (MMC, SD, etc.) and of course it can make calls and stuff plus it’s a triband phone in case I needed to go to a different continent! It costs less than the Nokia 6600 which makes it an easier choice but I’m concerned that it may be much less than the other phone since it costs less. Besides its shape is kind of weird and it has been in the market for quite some time so the software may be old.

Option 2: Nokia 6600
When I first saw this phone I was just in awe! It was the most sophisticated phone from Nokia that time and aside from “standard” features I am looking for it has some “wow” factor like digital zoom for still images and videos, nice shape, new OS, stuff that would make you proud to carry it. It was a dream phone for me at that time but its cost was way beyond my budget. Now that the cost is much lower I may be able to buy one but the problems I heard kind of turned me off. It doesn’t play mp3 on its own, the headphones suck, and stuff like that making me worry that I may not enjoy it and the phone was just overrated by Nokia. Besides I’m also thinking about theft that I may just lose it. Overall I can say that primarily the price factor is keeping me from this phone.

Those were my thoughts on two of Nokia’s “smart” phones. I hope someone will clear my mind of this dilemma. I’ll keep everyone posted whenever I decided to buy one and which phone I chose and of course why. If you have any comments feel free to send me your thoughts.