Dual-GPU graphic cards? Wow! We’ve really gone a long way since the time graphic cards were introduced. I can still remember the time when your computer has a separate graphic card your computer is hot! Nowadays just about every new computer has a separate graphic card (even lower priced clones) and so is basically a gaming console on its own. And now a graphic card having dual-GPUs just really kicks ass! This is one of the new solutions graphic cards manufacturers are providing (the other is making multiple graphic cards work together as one) to really put us closer to realistic graphics and better gaming experience. I wish I could try one for my own to see how these new technologies fare, but since I don’t (and can’t shell some bucks for it) we’d just have to trust reviews from credible sources. A detailed review for Gigabyte 3D1 (Dual GPU 6600GT), probably the first commercially-released dual-GPU graphic cards out there, is provided by Guru3D.com.