Hi guys! Have you evenr taken a “Chakra Test”? We’ll I did just for fun from http://web.tickle.com/tests/chakra/ and here’s my result:

Your most positive energy is flowing from your Fourth Chakra

This chakra is located in the center of your chest, near your heart. The fourth chakra represents higher emotions, such as love, tenderness, and compassion. In your case, this chakra appears to be clear and unblocked so that positive energy can flow from it freely. Radiating positive energy from your fourth chakra indicates that you’ve cultivated higher wisdom concerning the important life lessons associated with this energy center. You’re apt to possess an emotional maturity and depth that allows you to empathize with others. Whether you’re interacting with strangers or the people closest to you, your fourth chakra conveys the kind of true compassion that can set others at ease.

Whether they’re allowing positive energy to flow or preventing it from doing so, all seven of your body’s chakras contribute to how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis. When they’re balanced, you feel energized and at the top of your game. When they’re unbalanced, you may feel tired or ‘off’.

Just as I said just for fun. They have a lot of other fun tests but they may require that you sign up before taking the tests. So, what’s your result?