There have been reports of a cell phone virus roaming around targeting smart phones running on the Symbian operating system. Vulnerable phones include those made by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola but this could well include any other phones using the said operating system. On Nokia phones, the virus, initially changes the phones icons into skulls. It reduces your phone’s battery life and in some cases even resulted in hardware failure thus rendering the phone useless. These cell phone viruses have been roaming around especially here in the Philippines so all smart phone users out there should exercise caution especially that there is yet no workaround these problems. Antivirus manufacturers have yet to release software for these smart phones. These viruses typically enter a phone via Bluetooth technology so it is strongly advised that users of Bluetooth-enabled phones turn off their Bluetooth reception when not in use. Bluetooth is also blamed for other problems like data theft, bluesnarfing, hacks, and the like. Consult your cell phone’s user manual on details on how to turn off Bluetooth and make sure only to use software from reliable sources and avoid installing “risky” programs on your phones that could compromise not only your phone but your personal information as well. I hope that cell phone manufacturers address these issues while there are yet antivirus programs for cell phones.