A friend of mine forwarded this link to me and asked her what it’s all about and she told me that it is about the future. Little did I know that this could change the way you view what the Internet is today… it is a little hair-raiser and very intriguing but it may have some point. Watch it and think if it can really happen… Who knows, you may have had a preview of the near future!

Media online in 2014: Google Grid, GoogleZon, EPIC

Fictional flash video makes dramatic predictions about our new media future
By Dana Greenlee, WebTalk Radio

Imagine your electronic world of 2014. What are the possible future outcomes for Google, Microsoft and Amazon? How will news and media be disseminated? What is the Google Grid? The predictions are made by a popular online eight-minute flash movie called Epic (the Evolving Personalized Information Construct).

Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, both staff at the Poynter Institute for Journalism in Florida, look back at the history of the Web from 10 years in the future. Their story is fascinating, amusing and unnerving.

The video, available at from the Museum of Media History, is presented like a video transmission from the year 2014. It suggests possible future outcomes such as Google and Amazon merging to form GoogleZon, Google creating the Google Grid, visual bracelets, how Microsoft will acquire Friendster and gobble up other companies and the creation of EPIC by 2014.