Happy Easter everyone!

After a week’s worth of solemn Lenten season, what’s new in the industry? We’ll one of the most exciting news I’ve received recently is Yahoo! Mail’s announcement of additional storage space for their free web-based E-Mail. According to Yahoo! “all free Yahoo! Mail users will receive an email storage increase to a whopping 1GB.” This probably is the answer of Yahoo! to Google’s GMail service.

Meanwhile, Adobe leaked details on their upcoming products including the next version of Photoshop (code-named Space Monkey), but it was removed from their website abruptly. It is rumored to show up the next few months but I did find some screenshots of it with its new sets of features (I just wondered how these guys were able to obtain a copy). Unfortunately I lost the link that I found. Either way from what I saw and read, the next version of Photoshop will have more features and I can’t wait till I get my hands on one!

In other matters, after a few weeks I still haven’t found the energy to update my personal website. I currently am studying seriously how to implement my future web projects into XHTML and strictly adhering to the W3C standards: the reason for the stagnation of the site. I would upload updates whenever necessary but for now expect the site to remain (visually) as it is. I still put up blogs on MSN Spaces though.