For all those who have Netscape 8 installed in their Windows XP SP2 beware.  I just found out that installing Netscape 8 on these systems (like mine) will prevent MSIE 6 from displaying XML documents.  I found this out the hard way when I tried to view my RSS feed with MSIE and all I got is a blank page.  At first I thought it was my provider’s fault but when I tried to view it on Mozilla FireFox I didn’t incur any problems.  I tried uninstalling Netscape 8 but MSIE still can’t display my RSS feed.  So if you’re wondering why you can’t view your XML documents properly over MSIE, it may be Netscape 8.  Check this space for updates whether this flaw has been solved by Microsoft or Netscape.  For the mean time, I suggest that if you need an alternative browser to MSIE just use either Mozilla FireFox or Opera.