Yes folks, you read it right.  Microsoft now provides MSIE 6 users to browse the web with tabs without needing to wait for the MSIE 7 Beta later this month.  The catch is… it’s not available as a stand-alone add-on to MSIE but instead part of the newly released MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search.

The installer contains not only the MSN Search Toolbar for MSIE but also includes search service for your local files (like the Windows Indexing Service).  You may prevent it from running when you log on to your system if you want only the tabbed browsing feature, but for now I’ll keep it on to see how it performs compared to the traditional Windows Search feature.

Personally I use Google toolbar for my MSIE searches, but the new MSN Search toolbar is very flexible that it allows you to use other search engine in searching the web instead of just MSN Search.  I’ve nothing against MSN Search—it’s just that I grew accustomed to Google.  And so to cut the story short, I’ve installed MSN Search toolbar, removed my Google toolbar, and customized my MSN Search toolbar to search using Google instead.  Pretty neat!  Now I have the best of both worlds: I got my tabbed browsing and my Google search in one toolbar.  Surprisingly, the Highlight feature of the MSN Search toolbar works for search results from Google.  So if you’re not yet willing to give up your MSIE but wants desperately to have tabbed browsing, download this toolbar now.