It’s been a very busy week for Apple.  They just unveiled their next generation of iPod called the iPod Nano.  It’s smaller than the iPod Mini, thinner than a pencil and just about a business card’s size, but it sports a color screen unlike the iPod Shuffle.  It uses flash-based memory and comes in 4GB and 2GB models which can contain about 1,000 and 500 songs, respectively.
Apple also released on the same day the Rokr, a color-screen cell phone that can hold music downloaded from iTunes.  This is a result of Apple’s tie-up with Motorola, and formally marks the entrance of Apple to the cell phone market.
On the other note, iTunes 5 is now available for download.  I didn’t notice when it was released but it sure looks better than the previous iTunes.
To sum up, I like the new iPod Nano so much more than the Shuffle (which was my past favorite iPod).  I can’t wait to see one for my self here in the Philippines, and hopefully the price won’t be much different from that in the U.S.
About the Rokr, well, it seems to be an upgraded version of the Motorola E398, which on its own, was quite a good handset.  Hopefully, the handset will benefit (in terms of the software) from Motorola’s partnership with Apple.
The iTunes 5?  As of the moment I am still downloading it, so it’s too early for me to comment.  That’s it for now, thank you for your time.  Have a pleasant day!