Today is the start of the Foundation Month of my Alma Mater, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.  While it seemed to be a “normal” day for everyone, it proved to be a one-of-a-kind day for me…

In the morning was a typical parade with students from various colleges of the university.  Lunch was a typical lunch for me.  But then during the afternoon, out of nowhere came these naked adult men just walking.  If anyone is familiar with the oblation run of UP that’s exactly what they did (except of course, run).  This “tradition” was started by a fraternity in UP, and maybe now they have a branch in our school.  This is actually the first time I saw stuff like this and I didn’t even expect to see one.  The weird thing about it is that it’s no big deal for me—seems like it’s just normal stuff (either way I already have what they are showing, probably even better!).

Then night came and as we were closing another surprise came—somebody (actually there are two of them) got locked on our Phase 2 office.  Fortunately we still have spare keys, but not until a few minutes later ‘til they were unlocked.

The day’s surprises isn’t over yet.  One of our trainees for some reason decided to give us a treat.  Our trainees just received their pay for two months and so they have some to spare.  Not only did she treat us for dinner at Max’s restaurant, she also paid for our bowling game.  Simply amazing!  I never thought that a normal day could pack this much surprises!  Thank God for all there blessings and thanks Jona for the treats (I myself haven’t given anyone treats as much as these).  The celebrations ain’t over yet, and I hope next week could be as packed and good as this one.