This the day that we truly celebrate our Foundation Day.  Traditionally, it was celebrated during the first day of October but being a Saturday this year it was moved to the next Monday that followed. As usual all the employees had their free packed lunch courtesy of PUP, some entertainment and contests, and the traditional raffle draws.

The guest of honor for this years’ celebration is Ms. Cory Quirino, a famous personality on TV, print, etc.  There were also other guests from TV and radio stations.

I didn’t expect to meet Ms. Quirino in person, I thought I’d just be seeing her from afar like many people, but she was actually kind enough to have her picture taken with me! I was taking pictures of her and she asked me to come over and have our pictures taken.  Maybe that’s the secret of her beauty: being nice to people around.  We’ll it was a nice experience meeting with popular people, it’s just a shame that the picture isn’t quite clear (shame on those shaky hands).