Food Fest! That’s probably today’s theme is. There’s so much food today! We had Buttered Vegetables, Embotido, Lechon Kawali, Roasted Chicken, Fried Fish Fillet, Durian Rolls, and Buko Pandan… it’s just gastronomic heaven! There’s so much of it that there were still some left for us to eat during our afternoon snacks (a.k.a. “merienda”).

Then it’s off to the bowling lanes. We initially planned to bowl at Star Mall but because all lanes are occupied, we instead go to Megamall. It was a first time for me to bowl there and it takes some time to grew accustomed to new environments, especially that their balls (bowling balls) have quite small holes for us (you have to go with heavier balls so that your fingers would fit). Either way, the holes didn’t prove to be much of a problem, and at the end of the game I almost broke my old bowling record (missed it by just a few points). Finally tally: 133 (I’m not Pro you know), good enough to be second highest overall (individually) but not enough for our team to win, sadly. Our trainees had some surprises up their sleeves and some of them really did well despite being their first time in the sport.

What better way to end the day but with food. Due to financial considerations and time constraints, we decided to dine at a nearby McDonalds where we shared stories and cap the night off. It was surprisingly a jam-packed Foundation Day for us. I’ve never experienced this much activity during periods like these and I think this could be one of the best ones yet.