Time really flies so fast, goodbye 2005, welcome 2006!

2005 proved to be a great year, at least for me.  It opened me to realms I’ve never been or imagined I’d be.  It had its fair share of the good and the bad, but generally it was blessed and one of the best years I’ve had.

For me I could say that this is a huge comeback to me in a lot of aspect.  I was able to practice my craft well this year and was able to fulfill one of my shallow wants: a camera phone.

2006 has the potential of being a better year than the previous one, having benefited from the seeds of the previous year, and, like any new year to come, what this could be is all up to us.  What this year will be would be decided by us, with the grace of God, we could make each year to pass better than the previous one.