After the long wait, finally, Filipino consumers may soon be able to experience 3G.

Earlier this morning Smart Communications demonstrated in their advertisement in an early morning show a live video call between two 3G-enabled phones.  This came a little bit of a surprise for me because I never thought that any network provider here in the Philippines is interested in building their 3G infrastructure, but I guess that’s inevitable.

What benefit would it do us?  The high-speed wireless connection would make mobile internet browsing experience leaps and bounds better than today’s standard (more than ten times faster than the current GSM/GPRS networks, according to Smart).  With this faster connection speed video calls will be a reality; also faster streaming or downloading will make dialup internet connection a thing of the past (provided that the cost is competitive).  Unfortunately it’s also a double-edged sword: you’ll need a 3G-enabled phone to use the services of 3G (obviously) and you may need to replace your SIM cards with new 3G SIM cards, according to Smart.  These however are minimal “damages” which are far outweighed by the benefits we’d gain in the long run.

I can’t wait to see how this service would perform in real life, but for now you may visit Smart wireless centers for the 3G demo.

Fore more details on Smart’s 3G services you may visit