If you think I’m talking about soap, guess again.  AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is the latest hype now in providing “rich” user experience in the web.  The technology isn’t new, but it provides a new approach on how we deal with interactive web pages nowadays.  And now I’m proud to announce my first AJAX-enabled site, the PUPCET iApply site.  It was originally made with traditional approach but the bad user experience “forced” me to find a better way, and AJAX was it!  Now the site has a much better user experience, not to mention less loading time making it much faster than before and more friendly to our servers.  AJAX seems to be a good alternative to plug-ins in the sense that they don’t need to be separately installed—they run on standards which means that just about every standards-compliant browser should be able to render them well.  The near future of the web seems to be interesting with the advent of this technology.  I can’t wait to see how AJAX will play with the web in the near future.