Trinoma: Triangle North of Manila Mall is the latest addition to the family of Ayala Malls.  It is conveniently located at the corner of EDSA and North Ave., and its facade fronting Mindanao Ave.

The new look of Mindanao Ave. as seen from the main lobby of Trinoma Mall.

At first glance from the MRT station in EDSA it looks like a big colorful concrete box, but once you got in you get that familiarity of an Ayala mall like Glorietta.  It features an Activity Center and a Food Court that looks much like that of Glorietta.

Being a new mall from Ayala you’d expect it to be more than the typical mall, and it is.  Like its predecessor mall, Greenbelt 3, it also features an outdoor style/park theme.  Plus water fountains, lots of ’em…

Did I mention that they have water fountains?

A reverse water fountain (center).  Water spurts goes up the higher level, a feature of fountains which are very common in this mall.

Still more shots

If beauty is everything that a mall should have then this is one of the best designed mall in the Philippines; unfortunately, looks are not everything.  Going through this mall is like walking through a labyrinth, a common occurrence with Ayala malls.  It’s designed like a maze, it’s not easy to find your way (unless you have a ridiculously amazing sense of direction) most especially that shop maps aren’t yet installed (will they ever be?).  Since it was my first time entering this mall I already expected to get “lost” but I didn’t expect to walk through the same path thrice just to look for the right exit.  It’s a mall that’s easy to get into (if you’re in the right place, a.k.a. main lobby in front of Mindanao Ave.) but not easy to find a way out (yeah, there’s an exit, and it requires you to TAKE THE STAIRS! And this is in the main lobby!).

A word of advice: if you want to explore this mall you’d better be ready to walk, walk, and walk!  This is definitely one of the biggest mall in the Metro in terms of the number of shops and floor area, but most of the time you need to walk because you’ll find yourself lost with its maze like complex shop blocking.  The shops are arranged like a residential subdivision except that they forgot that you aren’t driving when you’re inside the mall.  There are lots of shops that already opened but the majority are still closed.  Many fixtures are still under construction (like the bridge way to/from MRT, still more fountains, signages, etc.) so you may find it a little inconvenient.  Parking seems to be sufficient but the path it takes is a bit confusing.

Verdict: still not fully completed but tolerable otherwise, this may be one of my favorite malls.  It offers Quezon City residences a taste of Ayala malls found in Makati without the hassle of traveling long, plus the convenience of the MRT.  I’m a big fan of Ayala cinemas so Trinoma cinemas are next on my “where-do-I-watch-thee” list.  As for the selection it offers a wide array of top-level shops (most still unopened as of the time of writing) surely to satisfy the “smart shopper” (budget-conscious) all the way to the “money-doesn’t-matter” type.  Definitely worth checking-out and is a welcome addition to the malls in the Metro!  The maze-like layout may take some time getting used to, but then again Filipinos have a great sense of direction when inside the mall!

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