By Eileen Yu, ZDNet Asia

IT professionals in the Philippines may be the lowest paid and least certified, but those with the right amount of talent are still in hot demand.

According to research house IDC, almost 70 percent of companies in the country anticipate an increase in IT spending this year. Expenditure in IT and telecoms products and services are expected to increase by more than 10 percent, while hardware is forecast to top the shopping list of most of the companies IDC polled in the Philippines.

The forecast increase in IT spending should also spell good news for IT professionals in the country.

In a survey conducted last year, ZDNet Asia polled some 401 respondents in the Philippines, and discovered that executives with more extensive work experience pulled in fatter paychecks.

Respondents with more than 10 years of experience earned 993,454 peso (US$19,879) a year, 85 percent higher than the overall country average of 536,241 peso (US$10,730). They also earned 205.8 percent more than the 324,814 peso (US$6,500) annual income for respondents with fewer than five years’ experience in the workforce. IT workers with between five and 10 years of work experience had an annual income of 491,534 peso (US$9,836).

However, IT professionals in the Philippines were the lowest paid in the region, compared to their counterparts in Hong Kong who earned HK$404,144 (US$51,964) a year–the highest overall average in the region…

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