I just got a disturbing email about a shampoo: Sunsilk Summer Fresh in particular having Formaldehyde which is commonly called Formalin. We’ve all heard of a lot of factory recalls of products from China having this substance, and we all know that it is use to preserve remains, so I was shocked to find out that a product made in the Philippines, and a seemingly harmless shampoo, would contain such chemical.

At first I thought it was just another hoax email, but since I have this product beside my desk (I take showers at work sometimes) I checked the label and I found out that it was indeed true. FORMALDEHYDE is one of the ingredients of this shampoo!

So please make sure next time you buy a product CHECK THE LABEL! You don’t know what you’re getting. And also take note that some other shampoo brands out there DOES NOT LIST THE PRODUCT INGREDIENTS!

Hope this helps us all be better consumers for all our sakes. Have a nice day.