While browsing through my e-mails and surfing needlessly about the net I found this very interesting post from Caroline McCarthy about "our" generation, and what caught my interest was the term used to describe the generation born in 1980-something: the "Naked Generation." Although it particularly describes this generation of young Americans I could completely say that it is partially descriptive of other nationalities of this generation because I am included in this generation, and even though I am a Filipino I can relate to what she was saying.  Here are some excerpts:

We are the Naked Generation, as I like to call it, the ones who snicker at the fact that Britney Spears’ outfit at her much-maligned Video Music Awards performance was embarrassingly revealing but nod in quiet accordance at her ability to keep the world fascinated. We change the channel when reruns of The Simple Life show up on the E! network but grudgingly admire Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s ability to self-brand their way to lives of luxury and international renown.

But the majority of us didn’t have "socialite" already on our resumes, so we turned to the Web. The Internet is more than just our stage; it’s our dressing room, our cocktail lounge and, most notably, our PR department.

It’s no longer noteworthy to point out that there are hordes of Web users who are putting their lives online, from revealing "personality surveys" posted in pink Comic Sans MS on glittery MySpace profiles, to Flickr play-by-plays of the wildest Pi Beta Phi rush week since the invention of the digital camera. I’m not talking about them. The Naked Generation is something different: its figureheads are smart, business-savvy young adults, typically in emerging creative fields, who see the embarrassing antics of "MySpace kids" and their emotional outpourings, and see a window of opportunity. They’re smart, and they know it, so they think they can use online exhibition as an advantage rather than an embarrassment.

We are a generation that you may really say "naked" because we do sometimes bare everything in our lives to everyone–through a medium we’d like to call the Internet.  And yes sometimes we do online exhibition as an advantage rather than an embarrassment.  I guess that embarassment is a not-so-much-of-a-use word thesedays.  You’ll just have to wonder how the older generations look at us now, and what we’d expect for the coming generations.

To view the complete article you may visit http://www.news.com/Welcome-to-the-Naked-Generation/8301-13577_3-9782224-36.html?part=dht.