Are you a website administrator?  Are you using site analytics?  If you’re still not you better start having one.  Site analytics is a very convenient way of monitoring your website, how it is being used by your customers, and gives you a brief idea on what they want.  I personally used Google’s Analytics to monitor my websites and it has really helped a lot in giving me an idea on how my websites are being used.  It was only through some casual web browsing that I stumbled upon Google Analytics months ago and it’s been very beneficial since day two (reports don’t come in until the second day).

Google Analytics is a free tool for web administrators or site owners to analyze their site utilization.  There are other tools out there but I haven’t tried them yet.  Google Analytics is a very well-rounded tool and now it even goes further by also including in its analysis the searches made in your site.  It doesn’t seem that much of a significance at first glance but it may prove to be a very profitable source of important information from your customers yourself.  It’s like having a survey but is not obstrusive.  I found a great article by Avinash Kaushik on the web about this topic to help you understand what I’m talking about.  You may view it at  I didn’t really appreciate the importance of this new feature by Google Analytics until I stumbled upon this article.  Hope you learn something new from this one, enjoy reading.