Fitness Log 21.10

A month and a half have passed since gyms reopened and I’m so glad to have started when they did.  I didn’t think that it was possible, but I really am already seeing some noticeable results.  They’re not that obvious from photos but I can tell that my clothes are getting tighter again and I can lift more weight than what I started with.

I force myself to take a selfie after each workout session for future reference and some gyms make it a challenge with their poor lighting. Sometimes I still get lucky though when I’m able to take a decent shot despite the predicament.

Just a few days ago, I had a really good session where I was able to set new records (since the pandemic) in terms of weight.  Somehow, I think drinking an entire grande-sized brewed coffee shortly before working out helped a lot!  I was able to get a selfie of myself afterwards and that’s when I noticed the cuts being more prominent.  I don’t think I made a significant progress in terms of reducing by body fat back to below pre-pandemic levels but what’s important for me is the improvement in strength and increased muscle size.  I’m still quite far from my peak, but I’m glad to be seeing improvements in a relatively short time.

The definition is improving even on frontal shots.
Me early last month.

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