Fitness Log 21.11

November was a very productive month as I started noticing progress from the two months’ worth of effort.  My muscles started growing and the definition on my abs have improved.  While my strength still isn’t anywhere near the pre-pandemic, muscle size is coming close.

As of November 30, 2021.

I consider the changing of my routines as the primary driver of my quick growth.  I’ve been using the same routines for the longest time, and recalling other routines I used to do helped in redesigning my program.

I also imposed taking selfies after each workout to help monitor my progress.  I prefer taking it with just an underwear on so that I can also see as much of my legs as possible.  Unfortunately, the mirrors are often quite high in the gym’s restrooms so I’d be lucky to see my knees in frame.  Here are a few of them (which I took the liberty of covering the sensitive areas):

I guess being proud of your achievements, however little it may be for others, can make you brave enough to share your selfies with nothing but underwear on! 🙈

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