Setting Up V380 Pro-Compatible IP Cameras

This guide is for IP cameras/CCTVs that are using V380 Pro software for monitoring.  It assumes that you already have V380 Pro installed on your device (phone, tablet, etc.) and are configuring a new camera for the first time.

This is the camera I’ve added in this guide.

To get started, take note of the name of your camera.  It should be on the camera itself.

My camera name starts with “51” and ends with “65.”

Turn on your Wi-Fi and look for your camera.  It may not match exactly like in my case below.  Try rescanning or restart your camera if you didn’t detect it the first time.  Tap on it to connect.

The closest hotspot I found matching the name of my camera starts with “MV.” This may be specific to my camera but the point is the actual hotspot name may not match exactly what is printed on it.

Once connected, open the V380 Pro app.  It should automatically detect your camera.

The app almost instantly detects my camera.

Tap on it and then tap Connect.  It may ask you to set a password and you can use any password you like.  Ensure that you remember your password though as you will need to enter it again if you want to view the camera using the app from a different device or to remove it.  Afterwards, the app will ask you to connect to your regular Wi-Fi hotspot.  If you’re doing this for the first time in the app, you will need to pick your hotspot from a list and provide your password.  Otherwise, the last one used is already prepopulated.

Have your hotspot password ready in this step.

Once it connects to your hotspot, the app takes care of joining your camera to the hotspot.  It may ask you for additional info afterwards, and your camera then appears on the All devices tab.  Just tap on your newly added camera and you’re good to go!

After this step, your camera should be automatically added to the app.

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