Fitness Log 21.12

December was a great month for me in terms of fitness as I finally got back to my pre-pandemic state in terms of size.  My abs have become more prominent though my body fat has barely changed.  I guess the season isn’t really conducive to losing fat.

My last gym selfie for 2021.  I had just taken a shower that’s why the mirror is foggy.

Looking back, it’s quite hard to spot the changes visually even when comparing photos weekly.  I guess if you want to be more subjective, the best way is to actually get your measurements like body fat percentage, muscle size, etc.  Still, no harm in taking a selfie after every workout.

Warning: The next images are of myself just in my underwear.  You may click here to skip the section.

Taken on the first week of December.
Week 2. I prefer this angle so that I can see more depth.
Week 3: Christmas week, thus the red. Angled to show more of the abs.
Week 4: Lighting helped emphasize the cuts on the abs but fats make them shallow.

As much as I’d like my fitness logs to be modest, there are too many details lost when cropping the images around the waist to make logging meaningful.  The purpose of these fitness logs is to capture my fitness journey, and it’s best to save as much details as possible.  There’s only so much I can capture from the gym restroom though so even including my knees can be a challenge.  Besides, my photos wearing just an underwear is already everywhere anyway because of my participation in underpants run events.

I sure hope that all the food that the season brought does not impact my progress come January.  I had to skip the last few days of December so there may be some regression when I return to the gym, but I think I’ve established a habit already to continue the momentum.

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