The year started well as I carry over the momentum achieved from December.  Unfortunately, the omicron variant of COVID-19 spread quickly breaking pandemic records in the country.  It kept me from going out as I feared getting infected, especially that my vaccine, Sinovac, was proven ineffective against the new strain.

Taken early January, before my booster shot.

Fortunately, I got my booster shot, this time by Moderna, as the cases was rising.  Overall, I only managed a few sessions at the start of the month, and some few more towards the end after my booster shot.  It’s far less than I wanted, but that’s how it was.

Back below 13%!

Surprisingly though, I lowered by body fat back below 13%!  Even my weight was slightly down. I suspect the vaccine and the side effects I experienced may have contributed to it.  Whatever it was, I look forward to keeping my body fat at these levels at most.

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