Fitness Log 22.2

February carried the momentum I achieved from the past few months of working out.  I can definitely say that I’ve brought back, if not surpassed, my peak before the pandemic.

Apparently, these shorts make my legs look tiny.

Unfortunately, I got a comment from a stranger in the gym that my legs are “not ok” (for the first time ever!).  It’s awkward for me but it did challenge me to take another look at my legs.  Though I know they’re not as big as I wanted them to be, what’s important for me was that I maintain my body symmetry.  So far, they seem OK as far as that’s concerned.

I discovered the potential of the lighting in this gym.

This month, I also started working out late into the night as more branches of my gym started operating 24/7.  And because there is hardly anyone, I was able to take more gym selfies and I discovered the potential for creative selfies because of the lighting.

Don’t mind if I grab the opportunity!

And for the first time ever, I caught midnight at the gym!  I didn’t exactly plan it, but moving my workout late into the night allowed me to squeeze in more things during the day.  Catching midnight though wasn’t part of the plan—just a consequence of starting really late and enjoying taking gym selfies.

First time to experience midnight at the gym.

Looking forward to further improving my gains in the following months!

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