Fitness Log 22.3

March was my first time to return to the office since the pandemic started.  While there is still a pandemic, it’s giving me a hint that things are about to change in the near future—assuming that no surprises from COVID-19 arises.  Nonetheless, I still continued workout as I did the past few months, finding new routines to keep things interesting and avoiding getting a plateau.

Started wearing anything but my running apparel in the gym 🙂

Unlike the past few months though, I no longer take as many gym selfies as before.  I also started wearing my other clothes in the gym, including those made of cotton, ditching what remained of my running past.

It was unthinkable for my past self to wear cotton during a workout!

In terms of workout, I’m glad to have kept the momentum and remained consistent until this time.  Seeing how my body progressed in the past few months really kept me motivated to keep going.

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