New Month, New Year

February is interestingly both a new month and a new year, depending on which calendar you’re looking at.  And the past month leading to it was quite interesting for me as well.

In terms of fitness, I was enjoying the momentum gained from last year, but I was disrupted by two things: first was having my booster shot and second being the omicron variant spreading like wildfire.  Combined, I only had a few gym sessions in the earlier and latter part of January.  Regardless, it was for my health and safety as well.

It gave me a chance to go back to my old playground though.

As a blogger, I was pleasantly surprised that I received a token so early in the year.  It’s a walking shoe by Skechers and I’m definitely looking forward to using it.

You saw it here first! Looking forward to using this on my next walk/run! Thank you, Skechers!

Going to a vet was definitely something I didn’t imagine doing but our very active puppy got himself into trouble, twice, that warranted it.  It was his first time outside the home, and I think he’s enjoying the trip, especially when he’s in a basket.

My creativity also got a boost as I got motivated to play with my gym selfies when I found one that has interesting lighting.  I’m using a very basic app so there’s only so much I can do, but I’m enjoying my renewed interest in art.

One of my gym selfie edits.

Hopefully, this new month, or year, brings us back from the derailed recovery of January.

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